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I Made Joni has over 16 years of experience in nanotechnology processing, and in the last 6 years he engaged with graphite processing industry for enhancing the purity of graphite from its mineral. He focused on research and development, mineral processing, hydrometallurgical separation and mineral recovery systems.
He obtained his undergraduate degree in Electronic instrumentation, Department of Physics, Padjadjaran University. He received his master’s degree from School of Physical Sciencies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi India on Theoretical Physics. After completing his master degree, he pursued his doctorate degree in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Hiroshima University on the topic entitled "Nanotechnology Synthesis and Dispersion".

He joined Department of Physics, Padjadajaran University in 2001 and actively involved in R&D at instrumentation system and functional material laboratory. His responsibilities included development of equipment and instrument for material processing, synthesis and dispersion of nanomaterials, mineral analysis and testing for feasibility and pre-feasibility studies, operating complete pilot-gravity-flotation, chemical upgrading pilot plants and recovery technologies.

In 2015 he was appointed as a Head of Nanotechnology and Graphene Research Centre (Print-G). In recent years, he devoted his expertise and knowledge in carbon and graphite/graphene-based materials applications, mineral processing and nanotechnology for paints and coating applications. More about his publications here.


Prof. Dr. Eng. Camellia Panatarani, M.Si.   Prof. Dr. Wawan Hermawan. MS  Prof.Dr.Ir.Ellin Harlia.,M.S
Prof. Dr. Ir. Hj. Hersanti, MP  Ujang Subhan, S.Pi., M.Si. Dr. Ir. Rd. Hery Supratman, MS
drg. Renny Febrida, M.Si. drg. Zulia Hasratiningsih, MD.Sc. drg. Arief Cahyanto, M.T., Ph.D. 
  drg. Elin Karlina, M.Kes.  Dr. Eng. Ferry Faizal, M.Sc  Dr. Emma Rochima, S. Pi., M. Si
 Melanie , S.Si., M.Si.  Madihah , M.Si. Rani Maharani , M.Si., Ph.D.
Dr. drg. Nina Djustiana, M.Kes. Prof. Muchtaridi, M.Si.,Ph.D, Apt.  Dwindra Wilham Maulana, S.Si, M.T. 
 drg. Veni Takarini, M.Kes.     



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