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Truegreen India Visit Print-G Unpad

[, 27/02/2017] Last weekend Nano Technology and Graphene Research Center (Print-G) Unpad, was visited by overseas company, Origin of India Company visited the Print-G, Padjadjaran University, within the framework for exploitation of possible collaboration.

Truegreen is a company that produced the products made from eco-friendly plastic. Products such as flower pots, place Tissue, plastic poly bag, plastic bottles, food packaging and Biodegradable products were produced.

Biodegradable is a term that describes a substance that is able to resolve all the waste that can be crushed or broken down by other living organisms and derived from plants or animals.

Prof Made, exposing that plastic-making technology with the aid of organic ingredients is not impractical. Because the technology used will be the similar with plastic-making technology. The difference is that the raw materials for the plastics were obtained from organic ingredients. In addition, with the research that has been done in Print-G, raw materials can be made in nano-size so that materials for the manufacture of plastic becomes more efficient and effective.

Similarly, Mr. Dipak, one of the company's representative from Truegreen stated that he have a project plan for plastics from eco-friendly materials in Indonesia. He also hopes to work closely with Prof Made for environmental applications.

The meeting was accomplished with some agreements such as the objectives of the present meeting and further meeting details for the progress of the project were also discussed.







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