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Postdoctoral Program in Print-G, DRPMI, UNPAD

[, 23/03/2017] Last Sunday in Print-G student arrived for postdoctoral program. Students who engage in this program are restricted to two, currently one from India and one from Indonesia are engaged in this program. Both the students are engaged in Postdoctoral program initiated by Print-G, and this is the first postdoctoral program in UNPAD.

A postdoctoral researcher professionally conducts research after the completion of their doctoral studies (typically a Ph.D.). The ultimate goal of a postdoctoral researcher is to pursue additional research, training, or teaching in order to have better skills to pursue a career in academics, research, or any other fields. Postdocs often, but not always, have a temporary academic appointment, sometimes in preparation for an academic faculty position. They continue their studies and/or carry out research and further increase expertise in a specialist subject, including integrating a team and acquiring novel skills and research methods. Postdoctoral research is often considered essential while advancing the scholarly mission of the host Institution; it is expected to produce relevant publications in peer-reviewed academic Journals or Conferences. In some Countries, postdoctoral research may lead to further formal qualifications or certification, while in other countries it does not.

Postdoctoral research may be funded through an appointment with a salary or an appointment with a stipend or sponsorship award. Appointments for such a research position may be called postdoctoral research fellow, postdoctoral research associate or postdoctoral research assistant. Depending on the type of appointment, postdoctoral researchers may work independently or under the supervision of a principal investigator. However, a designated postdoctoral research appointment may also be taken up when other suitable positions are not available, rather than merely pursuing the deepening of scholarly experience. In many English-speaking countries, postdoctoral researchers are  referred to as "postdocs".


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