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Visit by Iran Company



On 9th October 2017 Sayed Mohammed Banijamali, Member of Scientific Board, National Research Center of Omamental Plants and Dr. Hamid Rezee Dorri, Professor, Iran University, Iran visited Print-G, Unpad, Indonesia along with Mr. Sumario Heruwido, Managing Director, cme, beyond energy and their group work closely in the field of fertilizer, chemical and energy along with its infrastructure. PT Pupuk Kujang Indonesia (Persero) is a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) engaged in fertilizer production and licensing and petrochemical and agrochemical industries are planning to obtain license from Iran for fertilizers, which requires field study to know about the Indonesian climatic conditions. In this regard Print-G and the Arab University will work closely with Pupuk, Indonesia to conduct the field study for the development of fertilizers. The discussion was held among the members from Iran University and Prof. Eng. I Made Joni regarding how to achieve the specific objectives and about the fertilizer requirements.

Professors from Iran visited the Print-G laboratory and briefing was done about the ongoing research activities and materials that are being processed in the laboratory for Industrial applications. Dr. Hamid Rezee Dorri was interested about the Beads-Milling technique used in Print-G for reducing the particle size of various materials. He was concerned about the homogenous distribution of materials and also inquired about the particle size of the materials prepared by Beads-Milling method in Print-G. Samples with differing particle size was displayed for the professors so that they get a better depiction of the processes.

Professors from Iran desire to have collaboration with Print-G in developing fertilizers for the better production of quality products and Beads-Milling technique for tailoring the particle size of materials. Their interest is extended for even the biological applications of nanoparticles in agriculture to enhance the production rate.


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