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Malaysian's visit

Dr. Uda Hashim, Professor and Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research and Innovation University Malaysia Perlis along with Dr. Mohammed Khairuddin, Associate Professor from Institute of Nano Electronic Engineering, University of Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) visited PrintG, Universitas Padjadjaran on 20th Dec 2017. The main purpose of the visit is to have an outline of the research taking place in Print-g and possibility of collaboration between UNIMAP, Malaysia and Print-g, Indonesia.

The Director of Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Wawan Hermawan on behalf of the Director - PrintG, Dr. Eng. I Made Joni, warmly received the Professors from Malaysia to Print-G, Universitas Padjadjaran. Following that Dr. Uda Hashim discussed about his research work briefly and Dr. Mohammed Khairuddin presented about the research activities of their group, researchers working their publications and also about the various equipment’s available in their research group. The ongoing research activities in PrintG was presented for about 30 min by Dr.M.Vanitha, Post-Doc from PrintG and Dr. Dwi Cipto from Faculty of Biotechnology presented about biotechnology oriented food products and feed quality.

The Guests visited Central Laboratory and Biotechnology Laboratory to know about the processes, equipment’s and products developed by researchers from Unpad in collaboration with PrintG. The Professor from Malaysia visited PrintG laboratory to know about the various processing equipment’s such as Beads Milling, Nanobubble Technology, Pulse combustion spray pyrolysis etc and also the products developed in PrintG in collaboration with Industries. Prof. Uda Hashim and Dr. Mohammed Khairudin are interested in newly explored technology i.e., Nanobubble Technology in PrintG and discussed about its process, bubble stability and possible applications of it.

Prof. Dr. Uda Hashim outlined about the products developed by him such as sensor for detecting the early stage of cervical cancer, sensor for detecting the blood sugar level etc. He also discussed about the need for research proposals at both National and International level and its significance for upgrading individual’s laboratory. Professor also discussed about the importance of product development to meet the current demands in the society in accordance with the requirments.

Dr. Mohammed Khairuddin presented about their research work on electronics and the related sensors developed. PrintG’s internal collaborators Dr. Arif Cahyanto from Faculty of Dentistry presented about development of dental materials and their constraints and Dr. Emma Rochima from Fishery and Marine Sciences discussed about the preparation of chitosan from crab shell waste and their applications. Followed by this, the guests from Malaysia (UniMAP) discussed about the possible collaboration in research and also in conducting a joint International Conference.    



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