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Collaboration with WONJIN Autoparts India Pvt Ltd

The CEO of Wonjin Autoparts India Pvt. Ltd., Mr J.E.M Williams visited PrintG on May 4th, 2018. The company is involved in the manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles and their engines. Mr John William came to PrintG after visiting PrintG's website and the publications details with respect to Battery systems that have been developed. Hence, a brief presentation and discussion were given which detailed the materials developed so far in Al-air battery their optimization studies etc. He was impressed with our results obtained in Al-Air battery system its high specific capacity and long life. Mr Williams was interested to develop a pouch type battery system for electric vehicle application. The specification and the requirements from the company's viewpoint and the possible milestones in achieving them were discussed from both the sides.

Followed by the presentation, laboratory visit was arranged for him to know about that other research work going on in PrintG. Working and applications of types of equipment such as spray pyrolysis, beads milling, nanobubble generator were explained. After observing the working of all the equipment Mr William was also interested in the Nanobubble Generator that is used for water treatment in PrintG laboratory. He also conveyed his interest to collaborate with our work related to bubble generator for industrial use. 

The meeting was fruitful and the possible collaboration requirements will be processed by PrintG along with Padjadjaran University. Further details and requirements will be discussed via Email.     



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