Nano Technology and Graphene Research Centre

Visit by Assessment Team from Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia


Assessment team represented by Indonesia University, visited Nanotechnology and Graphene Research Centre (PrintG) on Friday, 16th April 2018. The assessment team was warmly welcomed by the Director of PrintG, Prof. Made and Secretary Prof. Camel. This visit was also accompanied by one of the notable senior lecturer from Physics, namely Prof. Rustam E Siregar.

The assessment team looked at all facilities possessed by PrintG laboratory. They didn’t anticipate that PrintG has facilities and collaborations that are more immense and mandatory for a research laboratory. The laboratory as headed by Prof. Made and Prof Camel who is also a lecturer in the Department of Physics.

The assessment team projected that the laboratory can be utilized as much as possible for the purpose of the Physics programs and in a wide-range can serve the society. The objectives that are focused in PrintG laboratory are in harmony with the purpose of establishing the PrintG laboratory so that the results of the research obtained can be utilized to the most for the benefit of the community.


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