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Representative visits PTBBN Batan in framework of research cooperation

Prof. Made and Prof. Camel welcomed the guests Mrs Ratih Langenati and Mrs Dewi Mustika, who are the representatives from BATAN PTBBN. They visited Nanotechnology and Graphene Research Centre (PrintG) on Tuesday, April 3, 2018. In their visit, the members from BATAN PTBBN aspire to do research in collaboration with PrintG headed by Prof. Made.

Prof Made gave a brief presentation for Mrs Ratih and Mrs Dewi on the laboratory activities and the products developed in PrintG in collaboration with other Faculties in Unpad and Industries. Prof. Made also illustrated and demonstrated the working of the equipment’s available in the laboratory and the various materials synthesized from it. Members were quite attracted in the processing of graphite from mining. 

Mrs Ratih and Mrs Dewi were much interested in the results of the research developed by Prof. Made notably on graphite.  Prof. Made has cooperation with one of the Indonesia mining company for research on Graphite in Indonesia. Graphite is one of the minerals that is still very rarely mined in Indonesia. Utilization of graphite in Indonesia is extremely high and has a very high demand. Almost all the requirements for graphite in Indonesia has been accomplished only by Importing until now.

Mrs Ratih and Mrs Dewi enthusiastically look forward in collaborating with Prof. Made in developing and extending further research on Graphite. This collaboration is expected to investigate more about Graphite in Indonesia and utilize fully for the welfare of the people of Indonesia.


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