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Visiting B4T Sangkuriang

The Director and Secretary of Print-G, Prof. I Made Joni and Prof. Camellia Panatarani along with their research students visited “Balai Besar Bahan Dan Barang Tecknik” – B4T on 17/07/18 at 9.30 A.M. B4T is a reliable research and development institution capable of providing quality assurance of materials and technical goods. B4T implements functional materials and energy diversification, integrated with universities, industry and related research institutions.

The main purpose of the visit is to know about the equipment and other facilities available in B4T with respect to battery materials preparation, assembly and testing. Mr. Sigit Susanto and Mr. Daniel representatives from B4T explained about their area of expertise, various processing laboratories and analysis that were accomplished by them. Followed by this brief discussion the equipment’s used for Lithium-ion Batteries (LIBs) like materials manufacturing, coating, calendaring, mould cutting of cathode and anode for pouch cells, pouch cell assembly and battery analyser were shown and its significance and working was explained in detail by Mr. Daniel.

The Director and Secretary of Print-G, Prof. I Made Joni and Prof. Camellia Panatarani had a look at the various equipment’s and particulars regarding the manufacturer, suppliers and operation of certain equipment’s were discussed with the representatives from B4T. After observing in detail about the numerous facilities for battery manufacturing and analysis, a MoU between - Balai Besar Bahan Dan Barang Technikand PrintG, UNPAD was initiated for future collaborative work in batteries. This would be beneficial for both the parties, which would assist in sharing the expertise and knowledge towards the development of novel materials and outcome for batteries.


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