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Visit by Dr Stevin Snellius Pramana from Newcastle University

Dr Stevin Snellius Pramana, Lecturer from Newcastle University, UK visited PrintG Laboratory on 15th August 2018. He was warmly welcomed by the Director of PrintG Dr.Eng. I Made Joni and Secretary Dr.Eng. Camellia Panatarani. Dr Stevin Snellius Pramana areas of expertise are crystallography, electron microscope, fuel cells and electrochemistry. He completed his undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degree from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His postdoctoral research is from Imperial College London.

Dr Stevin Snellius Pramana has several publications in peer-reviewed International Journals. A short discussion was held with the members of PrintG regarding the recent publications on graphitization and photoluminescence material. Prof. Made also discussed the recent project we obtained in ‘Aluminium-ion batteries’ and possible collaboration with Dr Stevin Snellius Pramana, since his area of expertise especially on fuel cells and electrochemistry would be useful for both the sides.

Dr Stevin Snellius Pramana visited PrintG laboratory and discussed the working of beads milling process, spray pyrolysis, pulse combustion spray pyrolysis and the type of nanoparticles prepared in PrintG and its application. He also had a look into the nanobubble technology developed by PrintG for enhancing the fish production. Through this meeting Dr Stevin Snellius Pramana, know about the research work going on in PrintG and hopefully will come up with some collaboration that would be efficient for building up the research activities.


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