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The Padjadjaran International Conference on Energy Research Technology and Innovation

The Padjadjaran International Conference on Energy Research, Technology and Innovation (PicERTI 2018) was held on 1st and 2nd October 2018 in Unpad Training Center (UTC). The registration for the program started by 8.00 A.M and we had many student participants from Unpad. The Chair of Organizing Committee Prof. I Made Joni delivered the welcoming address. The Conference was opened by Vice Chancellor for Research, Community Service, Cooperation and Academics Corporations – Dr. Keri Lestari, S.Si., M.Sc., Apt along with all the invited speakers, colleagues from Unpad and all the other participants. The opening ceremony was followed by Padjadjaran Choir and photo session.

On the first day of the conference, six invited speakers with the theme - Nanomaterials for Energy Storage, Safety in Nuclear Reactors, Energy Modelling and Simulation were focussed. Two parallel sessions for oral presentation which consists of eight participants was held following the Invited speakers talk and poster presentation from the selected participants was accomplished. The invited speakers were taken for dinner on the first day of the conference and discussion about continuing the basic theme of the conference every year in different Asian regions in future was also suggested by Prof. Made to the other invited speakers. This will enable a common forum within the Asian countries in future to know about the various innovation and development based on Energy technology.

The 2nd day of the PicERTI 2018 started by 8.30 A.M with the invited talk based on Energy Storage Materials followed by five other invited talks based on Temperature Sensor, Power Reactor Analysis and Challenges. The oral presentation which consists of eight participants with two parallel sessions was held for one hour and poster presentation from the selected participants displayed after the oral presentation. At the end of the conference one best oral presentation and two best poster presentation award was awarded.

The summary of the PicERTI 2018 was given by The Chair of Organizing Committee, Prof. I Made Joni. Mr. Made was happy about the interaction and the contacts obtained through this conference between the students of Unpad and other participants with the Invited Speakers from various area of expertise and from different countries as well. This conference will provide many opportunities for the students to do Internship or any exchange program pretending to their field of research in future.


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