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NanoMag Print-g a new generation Magnetic Beads Covid-19

Health laboratories become the backbone in conducting the Covid-19 specimen testing. As the number of exposed cases continues to increase, demands for laboratory performance are heavy. In addition to having to test a sample in bulk, testing should also be done in a short time.

Based on this, the Nanotechnology Research Center and Graphene (Print-G) Unpad in collaboration with the RSP and the Molecular Biology Laboratory of UNPAD developed magnetic beads as a component of the RNA Extraction kit in a laboratory scale. External research is able to contribute to the handling of Covid-19 deployments by overcoming the availability constraints of RNA extraction reagents with good quality and lower production costs.

NanoMag Print-G, a relatively inexpensive but high quality material to support RNA extraction in Covid-19 testing with Real time PCR method. Testing with RT-PCR requires material to capture and separate nucleic acid molecules. These commercial materials are magnetic beads and usually must be imported from abroad in the form of a single package of extraction kits at high prices.

The silica-coated Fe3O4 magnetic particle is named NanoMag Print-G, which is a nano-sized particle and its surface is added to the functional group to be more effective in extraction. The test results have already shown that NanoMag Print can effectively bind the RNA SARS-CoV-2.

Nanomag Print-G is made from local materials so as to increase the independence of the nation in producing molecular biology reagents. The price of magnetic nanobeads PrintG as a local product can be cheaper 50% of the price of commercial beads.

PrintG Unpad is able to produce this magnetic nanobeads in adequate quantities according to the needs and only takes two days for a one-time production process. However, although PrintG is ready to do mass production, production activities have not begun. NanoMag Print-G will still have to go through testing in order to obtain production permits.


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