Nano Technology and Graphene Research Centre

Visiting Lipi Jakarta

[, 26/07/2016] LIPI Tangerang Puspitek visited on Tuesday (26/07/2016) to Nanotechnology and Graphene Research Center (Print-G) in order to discuss the utilization of graphite for batteries. Dr. IR. Bambang Prihandoko, m. t., representing LIPI Puspitek was warmly welcomed by Dr. Eng. I Made Joni, M.Sc. as Director of Print-G. Discussion about the exploitation and utilization of graphite studied in Print-G for battery materials researched by LIPI Puspitek was done.

According to Mr. Bambang Prihandoko who also served as Chairman of the consortium of Lithium Battery, the use of graphite in battery is currently obtained by importing. This has resulted in a condition where there is a decline in research, because the process of purchasing goods is time consuming owing to graphite which has high supply demand, as well as import specifications changed for every purchase. Therefore Mr.Bambang insisted that in Print-G one of our research could concentrate on graphite which can also help in terms of provision of graphite for research done in LIPI and the battery Consortium. These expectations will be fulfilled by association with Print-G Laboratory.


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