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RnD is a research, development and development activity that has commercial interests in relation to pure scientific research, and applicative development in technology.

In the business context, "research and development" usually refers to future-oriented activities, and for the long term, both in science and in technology. The methods used in R & D activities typically use standardized scientific research techniques without expecting definite results (pure form of scientific research) or for obtaining predictable results of commercial value in the near future.

Currently Printg is oriented to research and development in the fields of nanotechnology and graphene.

Nanotechnology for life Science
1.Nanotechnology for Agriculture
    1.1.Pest control: NPV Nanoformulation and PGPR
2.Nanotechnology for Biomedical Application
3.Nano Dental Biomaterials
4.Nanotechnology for Pharmacy Materials and Nanocosmetics
5.Nanotechnology for Food and Non Food (Feed)

Nanotechnology for Energy
1.Luminescence Material
2.Coal-Bed Methane
3.Metal-air Battery and Fuel Cell

Nano Materials Processing, and Paints and Coating Applications
1.Synthesis of Graphene and Carbon Nano Fiber
2.Synthesis and Dispersion Nanomaterials
3.Dispersion of Nanomaterials and Surface Modification
4.Nanotechnology for Paints and Coating Applications

Computational Nanomaterials
1.Theoretical Studies and Molecular Dynamic Simulation of Nanomaterials
    1.1. Theoretical Study of Molecular dynamic at Nano Scale
    1.2. Modeling of Behavior and Material Processing at Nano Scale
2.Theoretical Studies and Simulation Surface Active Nano Colloids and Ionic Liquid

Instrumentations and Imaging Technologies at Nano Scale
1.Nano Measurement: Particles Size Analyzer and Zeta Potential Measurement System
2.Quantum Efficiency Measurement Using Integrating Sphere
3.Nano Imaging and Spectroscopy : STM/AFM and Vacuum Technology

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